simply BREATHE

Breathing defines the boundaries of life and the flow in between. It serves as a gauge to indicate the quality of our choices and as a tool to reinstate balance and find peace.

Resilient people are determined to breathe their way out of any difficulty. They do not allow their breath to halt.

Embracing life with love is both a relief and a connection, an enabler to exhale and let go.

Accountability is taking responsibility for your choices and preserving your voice. Being truthful to yourself and to others enables yourself to breathe.

Truths of life are the realities you need to acknowledge to allow acceptance of yourself, of others, and life itself. Conscious breathing is a personal choice and can make you feel better when you need it. This is as simple as truths of life get.

Happiness is about positive emotional experiences and breathing is said to act as a “barometer of our emotions.”

Enjoy! People cannot feel two opposing emotions at the same time. If this is your one and only life, why not to choose joy over sadness? Smile and spread happiness! …