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  • this is a book you dont read once.its a book you have next to your bed and read every night. you will find a treasure of guiding ideas and inspirig thoughts which will not only make you wiser but will make you rethink how you live your life.
    thanks LKeonida for sharing your wisdom with all of us

    cleri koni
  • To be honest I was expecting to read a typical autobiography with a sense of drama that would be more or less something commonly found.
    On the contrary, I caught in my hands a very interesting book highlighting literature bridged with author’s real facts and experiences.

    The book is well-structured divided into seven separated chapters each one representing one letter of the word “breathe".
    Each chapter begins with the definition of the word for a better understanding and continue with deeper analysis linked with references to individual theories, studies, findings and author’s personal experiences. A final inspired and relevant message is shown at the end of each section.
    Undoubtedly, all of the key letters of breathe have equally significant impact on our behaviour as human beings based on what condition we are facing.

    Perhaps, the book’s structure indicates that author follows well-organised practices and methods in his life. The author opens his heart to share his thoughts, statements, arguments, feelings, knowledge and conclusions towards understanding the important things of everyday life. Furthermore, those meanings consist of the certain concept and idea providing advices how to live with a purpose. The advices may seem very simple to us but we hardly consider them; most probably because we use to pay attention on minor things though.

    Numerous and lovely quoted phrases from different authors and scientists are represented in many parts of the book. This technique made the book to be easily readable and attractive breaking the monotony of the conventional reading flow. I was impressed by the vocabulary and grammar used providing evidence that author has read a plethora of books and spent significant time writing this book.

    What I have gained by reading this book is that life is the most valuable gift given to us. We are the key players and it depends on us how to play our life’s game.

    Overall, I would highly recommend this book no matter what your preferences are

    Spyros M.
  • written with emotional maturity, selfknowledge, realism and sensitivity, the book “BREATHE” is not only about the benefits of the correct breathing. Its an inspiration for any of us to give quality to our life: gratitude for each day we are given. With generosity, kindness, understanding, love, patience.. Like a journey to spirit, soul and body, this book is one of the best i read!

    Ioanna makri
  • “You know you’ve read a good book when you turn the last page and feel a little as if you have lost a friend”, Paul Sweeney once said about the kind of special relationship readers foster with their books – but that is typically brief as it only lasts as long as the book itself. “BREATHE” is the kind of book that seems to produce the opposite effect: in turning the last page, the feeling is that of having just made a friend -one that will continue to be accessible for guidance, information, inspiration, but maybe mostly as a reminder that what sometimes looks like an insurmountable obstacle is often a path to growth in disguise-if we choose to see it and use it that way.

    Written from the perspective of a loving father who wishes to pass on to his children the valuable lessons he has learned so far in life, the author maintains the same gentle didactic tone throughout the book, pausing frequently to directly address the reader, to explore and explain topics, and to simplify complex concepts into everyday language –all the while supporting his attempt with rigorous relevant research. From beginning to end, the author has done an excellent job of never losing sight of the reader: with thought-provoking questions, prompts, tips, exercises, and numerous quotes and excerpts from some of the world’s greatest thinkers of all time interspersed all through the book, readers are invited to think critically and ask their own questions; they are encouraged to introspect, and in this way, play their own part and rethink their own choices and stories in the process of reading. Even though these elements alone make the book worth reading, the strength of this book stems from what it represents: the very human act of searching to find meaning, of acquiring the ability to interpret situations realistically, of eventually becoming able to find a new and emotionally fulfilling purpose – one that can be shared with others, too, to help them grow. “BREATHE is what I have devised to help me stay on my feet, as the type of motor neuron disease I deal with reminds me to breathe consciously to be and to do”, the author tells us. The book that came to life is a product of the author’s own successful effort to reinvent and redefine his own life when this was the only choice; it is his “trophy” as he says, aware of how beneficial the process of self-discovery through searching, learning, and writing proved to be. It is in this context that all the important theories discussed along with the author’s personal experiences and reflections converge to form a new and unique understanding of what to “Breathe” really means.

    Concise, enjoyable, informative, and inspiring, “BREATHE” will appeal to all in search of meaning and personal growth – particularly those who have already recognized that anything that can improve our ability to handle life’s multiple challenges is, always, an invaluable investment in ourselves.

    Maria-Eva Tsola
  • Leonidas in his book shares his own hard-won wisdom about living with joy and a sense of purpose even in the face of adversity. Joy is not happiness; it is the inner calm that allows a person to maintain their strength, it is the investigation of those things that make life satisfying! “Breathe” is a one-of-a kind teaching for those who want to live their lives more fully! My first reaction while reading this book was to breathe deeply and smile!!!

    Sotia Lazarides

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