To Feel Good, Be Good!

Writing BREATHE, has taught me that Happiness is something personal. As personal, as our breath. I breathe for myself, I am happy for myself. No one else can do these … for myself!

Experts on Happiness say that we experience Happiness through our Relationships as a product of positive emotions. Relationships require that there is Communication which, in turn, prospers when there is Trust that others will not take advantage of us, Respect that we will be heard, and Truth that reality will be confronted and prevail over egoism and self-interest. Why would anyone be interested in Truth when it stands in their way to feel comfortable for their acts?

For anyone to feel comfortable with the Truth, it is required that they can distinguish right from wrong, and that their actions satisfy their conscience. Ethical persons care about doing what is right to contribute to the greater good, and those that are Self-aware know what themselves need to feel better.

In the end, we all want to feel better and be happy!

Happiness < Relationships < Communication < Trust < Respect < Truth < Ethics < Self-awareness