Embrace to find Peace!

I have never met anyone not looking for the love of their lives and not longing to be loved. Seemingly, I have encountered many searching to meet with love through others and, naturally, doubting love when they get hurt.

But, can love be doubted? Can you really doubt the emotions you felt with your own heart? Does it make any sense to deny the truth? You can certainly doubt trust, likeness, and any other emotions that emerged from thoughts, needs and desires, but love?

Withdrawing yourself from a non-functional relationship does not imply to caring less for the harmony of the environment that surrounds you. It will hit you back and it will hit others. Anger may be natural but not effective as it prepares the animal inside of you for destruction, sadness can be normal still though not effective as it weakens the human inside of you to perform. Each life has only one owner but the quality of life we experience is affected by how much each one of us cares to do good.

Picture yourself as one piece of a large jigsaw puzzle. To connect any two pieces of the puzzle and make them one, you need first to find where the connecting point is. And, sometimes, the connecting point is another piece, perhaps pieces. To find the matching pieces, you need first to separate each from the rest and assess where and how it makes sense to connect them so that they tell a beautiful story through the harmonic flow they form. Unsurprisingly, many pieces of the puzzle look good together: some by color, some by figure, and others by shape or size. At times, you will even find yourself connecting the wrong pieces and of course this should never be the reason why you should detach them violently and harm any piece and consequently the puzzle itself.

You need to consider everyone’s habits, needs and desires, prior you attempt to attach yourself and create expectations of how the relationship you will form should work. Inevitably, you will try to connect to many other pieces of the puzzle until you find those that will be the best fit for you. Accept that it is not your puzzle, you are part of it! Show gratitude for the gift of life and treat each piece of the puzzle with respect, even when you fail to connect directly to each other. Your mission is to find those pieces you create a meaningful story together and your vision is to preserve the divine artwork you are an indisputable part of. This should sustain your willpower to embrace, express your love and connect. Love is the way … to Peace!